Scribble & Ink

Design often starts with scribbled ideas and images. A designer's mind wanders within the boundaries of the new project set for us, and often in my case, beyond.

We start with the wish list of the client and then our expertise and experience kicks in. I want to look beyond the obvious and to the possibilities.

The simple request for a bit of a patio and a bit of privacy inspired the design for a sunken patio with raised perennial and evergreen beds. The evergreens quickly screened out the view and the perennials near the seat wall kept the focus forward. Even years later this design has stood the test of time and enjoyment for the client.

Often designers stay within their comfort zone. I enjoy a challenge - I love running the gauntlet of ideas and possibilites for a client and opening their eyes to unique and personal touches to their spaces - inside or outside.

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