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Color. The absence or presence of color is a personal choice. We can go along with the herd or break out and run from the pack. It's all about your comfort level.

2016 Color of the Year is Simple White. That says alot. When life is chaos we seek simplicity. We look for calm. Simple White might be a little TOO calm for many but it's a telling tale. We work hard, we play hard, we are stressed. Often our workplace is full of mental and visual stimulators that can exhaust the calm, and we then seek it in our home environment.

With that said, color is a great way to add personality and an inexpensive wow. Neutral colors indoors can become dynamic with one wall in a unique color and throw pillows on furniture to compliment. Outdoors is no different. A good backbone of plants can look completely different with dynamic annual flowers or container plantings that are hot, tropical colors.

Bohemian mixes of patterns and colors is also a new trend for 2016 (the complete opposite of Simple White ) - we move forward while looking backward. By blending Boho with white walls and linen fabrics we give the 60's a nod without looking like we dragged Woodstock into the house.

Plants become splashier as well. Coleus, Barberries, Limemound Spirea - all examples of growers creating showy plants that we can use to get around those pesty deer and still have an interesting landscape design.

Let's explore the possibilities together. Leave yourself open to the possibilites of less or more color and creating the calm space in your world that you and your family & friends can enjoy.

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