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Spring cleaning.....we might associate this with our grandmothers and bright yellow rubber gloves BUT it is one of my favorite acitivities. Physically cleaning out the house and the garden is very rewarding. Inside the smell changes from musty winter to freshness. Outside the beds go from forlorn to crisp and waiting.

It is also the opportunity to make subtle changes that make the house feel and appear updated and new. A few new accent pillows in a current color fad are inexpensive and dynamic. Add a stack of books under the side lamp on the table. Plants make the space feel healthy and alive. Inexpensive frames in a new grouping can be filled with postcards, old prints, or pictures from a magazine.

Outdoors is the intro to your home. Make sure your foundation beds are tidy and freshly mulched. Your mailbox should be in good repair and a small bed at the base prevents the weed-wacker or lawn mower from tearing up the post. A planter with seasonal flowers near the front door is welcoming and the opportunity to try out new flowers/looks each season and bring personality to the entrance of your home.

Spring is right around the corner. Let's dig in (pun intended) and do some spring cleaning. If you need ideas/guidance/professional advice we are here to help.

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