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Spring is trying to arrive. The sun has a different light, buds on trees make them less stark looking, and the grass is trying to green up. This is the time when we humans poke our noses back outside and cringe thinking about cleaning up the ravages of winter to make our outdoor spaces welcoming again.

We are spending more and more time outdoors and it's important to provide safe and inviting destinations for family and friends. Patios, pondless waterfalls, gardens, fire pits, swimming pools - there are new spins on all the old, familiar spaces.

Patios - how about a seat wall, built in outdoor kitchen, pergola to create shade, water feature to mask traffic/neighborhood noises.

Pondless waterfall - sound like a contradiction in terms? Really amazing water feature with sounds and beauty of a waterfall but no open water to tend to or to attract kids and mosquitos.

Fire pit - built up, built in, formal, informal, gas, wood - all kinds of options

Swimming pools - the days of a big, blue blob in the backyard have passed. Zero-entry with large boulders as diving boards sounds more appealing? Google it. Pools can be beautiful, environmentally friendly places now.

Gardens - you don't have to be a Master Gardener to enjoy puttering around flowers. Designing a garden should be a personal experience. Choices based on colors, seasonal beauty, fragrance, butterfly and/or bird attracting varieties and even those that the deer don't favor can be fun and relaxing.

It's the perfect time to design a new spot - large or small - in your backyard ( or front yard ) that will lure you outdoors and make cleaning up those leaves and fertilizing the lawn worth the work !

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