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This is nothing more frustrating than creating an exciting design and then the reality of permits, variances, load-bearing walls, etc dumps cold water all over the long, hard work.

Assessing the reality and THEN fitting design ideas within those parameters isn't as hard as it seems. There is always a Plan B ! Any good designer has alternatives in their design library. Sometimes the limitations make us more creative. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a good challenge.

I recently met with a couple who want to create a mecca for entertaining and relaxing. The reality is the space is sandwiched between 3 houses and is only about 50' x 50'. It's a veritable fishbowl. BUT - there are so many cool things we can create that have double duty - seats with storage below - deck landings for pots of veggies instead of taking up valuable real estate with a small garden.

After discussing all the components of the space I gave the homeowner homework. Go to the town and find out if we can install fencing, how much impervious coverage are you allowed, can we have open water ( sunken hot tub ) without a fence. Lots of questions that will then mold our design. I am excited about this space and all its' possibilities.

Let's do our homework and rain on our parade is avoided !

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