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Moving can be an exciting adventure or a daunting work load. Your home, inside and out, is probably the most valuable asset you own. You need to present both scenarios in the best possible light. "Staging" is a word we hear more and more, but can sound temporary and expensive. My approach to preparing your home for quicker selling is to make simple changes that show your home as adaptable to any potential buyer. Your landscape should be the same. No one wants to walk up to your home and feel like your outside space will eat up all the hours of their weekend.

I am in the processing of buying and selling a home myself and I can tell you first hand I have walked into visual nightmares. More than once I blurted out-loud "How can they show a house looking like this ?!?!?" A potential buyer will de-value your home immediately if it is messy, outdated, and feels like there may be hidden issues under the mess. Pulling up in front of a house that is unkempt outdoors we presume the indoors has not been taken care of either. Curb appeal is very important. We do judge a book by its cover.

A consultation for advice about inside and out can be a very inexpensive way to get your home sold more quickly and get you moving on.

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