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End of summer. This weekend still whispers what my grandmother always told me "No more white pants or white shoes after Labor Day". Funny how childhood sage advice is now ignored. That's not a bad thing. Design theory is the same. White walls and dark floors - NO !

It's time to give your home it's own personality. Take doors down. Literally. I mean go and get the screw driver and take the doors down! The first thing I did after just moving was to remove the doors from the linen closet in my tiny bathroom. Paint the shelves (or even better, replace them with glass) and wallpaper the walls. Make it a fun little surprise. Baskets to hold your necessaries and no one is the wiser.

Open the windows. Floor to ceiling curtains are no longer the only window treatment of choice. Look out your windows. Is anyone really going to see anything if you take the curtains down and reveal the glass and light? I have one set of windows facing the street that will get shades (that can be raised all day) and that's it. You would be surprised how much "happier" your space feels with more light. Add a few plants and you can literally hear your room take a deep, happy breath !

Oh, and Grandma. I am wearing my white jeans until it snows !

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