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Sometimes this one word can bring the whole project to a screeching halt. Too often this one aspect of a design seems like the decision that makes or breaks the idea.


It's much easier to match paint to fabric, art, carpet, wood-tones, etc than the other way around. There are so many paint tones now that it is almost impossible NOT to find the paint to match your décor. Bring the elements of style into the room and then decide the complementing background. Unless you are bold enough to use a red, your walls should not be the focal point of the room. They should frame and define the space visually, but that's it.

And let's talk about those textured walls that you are now regretting. I just spoke to someone today about their hours of labor in a bedroom that they now want to make into an office. She created a texture similar to "denim" and now is trying to decide how many layers of paint it will take to make it smooth looking. My recommendation: Why not paint the walls a color similar to grasscloth ? Work WITH the texture ! Eureka !

And THAT my friends is why you need to call me !

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