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"The kitchen is the heart of the home." We hear that over and over again.

We have all experienced planning a party and cleaning every nook and cranny of the ENTIRE house and then all the guests congregate in the kitchen. We could have saved ourselves a ton of time and just cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom - no one notices any other part of the house !

So -let's run with this. If the kitchen is the go-to spot make it enviable. This room isn't just for baking cookies anymore. We need space for interaction. We need enough spaces and places for people to help cook and more importantly help clean up.

Appliances are smaller now. Dishwashers in a drawer ! Convection ovens ! Warming drawers. Mini frigs - seriously - how often do you need all that room in that huge frig? Put a larger one in the basement for when you party! If you need to subtract to add - subtract large appliances and add an island or a comfy seating corner. Give your guests a place to park it so they aren't in your way.

Add amazing artwork to the kitchen. Keep the basics neutral so the artwork pops and changing it won't upset the vibe. Clean off those counters ! Take down that chandelier and add a dimmer/high hats.

Give the heart of your home a new beat !

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