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March - could a month be more bleak and frustrating? A little spring tease is followed by a winter event just when you think it's safe to open a few windows. Gotta love Mother Nature and her wry sense of humor.

Let's start to think about spring and summer gardens - inside and out.

Catalogs are appearing in the mailbox. While you might not be comfortable ordering through the mail - pictures, pictures, pictures-like free gold. Use the pictures and info to plan your gardens and container plantings. Even if you have a black thumb take pictures to your local garden center (or show them to your trusted landscape designer (me) ) and we can make magic !

Inside it's almost time for those herbs on your windowsill. The sunlight is still a bit weak and the glass is still too cold for the herbs to be near. BUT - lots of grocery stores/florists have fragrant bunches of Daffodils now which, when brought inside, are amazing ! Outdoors they don't seem to have fragrance, but bring them inside and the sing !

It's a great time to design. Call me and let's set up the start of something fun !

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