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It's been a weird, wet summer in New Jersey. Windows open - windows closed. AC and then AC off.

With that said, the benefit has been gardens ! Lush, happy, full gardens. The Hydrangeas are heavy with blooms, Roses are full flush, and Lavender is so fragrant ! That's my little slice of heaven. Then I have "Mommy Deer-est" who visits regularly and closely enough that I know she has eyelashes I envy. And she just had twins !!!! They are darn cute, but keep those little shrub-eating babies out of my garden !

There are so many exciting ideas for keeping the deer at bay these days ! Spraying is always an option - just keep them guessing. Alternate your sprays. They get nosey when things smell the same all the time.

Deer fence. It really is almost invisible. Black is the most invisible color in landscaping. It's simple, inexpensive and do-able.

Then there are the exciting, creative, unique ways :

-fence panels that aren't connected but spaced apart and a large evergreen fills the gap

-posts with heavy fishing line spaced 18" apart and Nepal wind bells every here and there - you will almost wish the deer nudged the barrier to hear them.

-an evergreen planting using varying kinds of trees and shrubs. It doesn't have to be a boring row of same-ness.

-and my favorite - rust metal posts in graceful curves...deer fence doesn't have to be ugly and straight. This is so pretty you might WISH YOU HAD DEER ! (photo courtesy of Pinterest)

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